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Bao Ba Tea Time

The culture behind tea time is deeply rooted in England and has a long history. Tea was introduced to England in the 17th century and quickly became an important part of everyday life. Tea time was originally practiced by the upper class, but over time it spread to all levels of society.
Tea time is more than just drinking a cup of tea. It is an opportunity to relax, socialize and spend time with family and friends. Traditionally, tea is prepared in a teapot and served in fine porcelain. Pastries, sandwiches or other small snacks are often served.
An important part of tea time culture is etiquette. There are certain rules and traditions on how to properly prepare, serve and drink tea. For example, tea is often served with milk, which is first poured into the cup before the tea is added. There are also certain types of tea that are preferred for tea time, such as Earl Gray or Darjeeling.
Tea time is a symbol of hospitality, politeness and conviviality. It's an opportunity to take time for yourself and others, to relax and enjoy the moment. The culture behind tea time has evolved over time but remains an important part of British identity and is valued by many people in England and around the world.

Freshly baked scones

BaoBa - Tea Time Table

Scones with cream, sandwiches, salty and sweet pastries, 3 different teasVarieties 

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