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  • Do you have a difficult life situation and find it difficult to cope with everyday household chores?

  • You want to feel at home and comfortable, more harmony for you and your loved one

  • Have you already worked so much on yourself but at home everyday life overwhelms you again and you lose your energy

  • Your everyday life is so packed with to-do's that the household simply needs to be well structured. You don't know where to start?

  • Down Sizing - You can move from a large living space to a smaller apartment or retirement home - you don't know how or what to let go of?

  • Home & Office Detox - 1 Thema

    Wähle ein Thema von Textil, Papier (Büro, Bücher usw), Küche, Keller usw.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1 gewünschtes Thema für max. 6 Ordnungs Coaching Einheiten
    • 1 gratis VorOrt oder Online Gespräch zur Aufnahme
    • 1 Coaching Session Vorabb Online
  • Home & Office Detox Programm - Basic

    - 2 Themen Ihrer Wahl :Textil, Papier, Küche, Keller, Fotos, Digitale Ablagen, usw. - 2 Mental Detox Coachings - 15 Std. Ordnungscoching Einheiten bei Ihnen - 2 Entsorgungen - 1 Grace Table max. 6 Px
    Valid for 6 months
    • 01_Home & Office Detox - Basic Programm
  • Home & Office Detox Programm - Standart

    - 3 Themen Ihrer Wahl : Textil, Papier, Küche, Keller, Fotos, Digitale Ablagen, usw. - 3 Mental Detox Coachings - 25 Std. Ordnungscoching Einheiten bei Ihnen - 3 Entsorgungen
    Valid for 6 months
    • 02_Home & Office Detox - Standart
  • Home & Office Detox - Premium

    50 Std. Ordnungs Coaching Einheiten, 5 Mental Detox Coaching Sessions, 1 Feng Shui und Farb Beratung, 5 Ordnungsthemen (Textile, Papier, Küche ...), 4 Entsorgungen, 1 Grace Table max. 20 Px
    Valid for 12 months
    • Home & Office Detox Programm - Premium

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